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No. The services we provide and the hair replacements we use are all individually produced. When you come to us, rest assured your total satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
Take Versacchi CTR hair replacements for instance. Each one is custom fitted and styled. Compare that to “wigs” or “hairpieces” sold online. Over 93% of those online offers are never used more than once. (They are that bad!) Imagine someone saying you could get denture corrections, ear analysis, eye-testing, GP/MD diagnoses online.

You would think they were daft! It is the same with any wig or hairpiece out of a box. They are just “one size fits all” pieces of junk. Aren’t you worth more?

Yes. Nothing even comes close to the versatility, comfort and appearance of a Versacchi CTR. And again, we are so sure you will be absolutely delighted with your new hair, we offer a 100% Guarantee on our work. You cannot possibly go wrong by choosing a Versacchi CTR.
There is no comparison! CTR was pioneered by Versacchi in 1994 and we’ve been advancing and improving this technique since then. Everyone else has tried to imitate our success – but totally failing to duplicate our methods. That is why Versacchi can offer a 100% guarantee – and the other’s can’t.
In a word: Great! The average Versacchi custom-made hair replacement only weighs about 3-4 ounces – and once it is integrated, cut and styled, you won’t feel anything but a natural head of hair.
There is literally no comparison. Versacchi hair replacements are nothing like the mass produced one sized fits all embarrassing looking “bluff fluff’s!” commonly sold by other companies. By choosing Versacchi, the only people who’ll know you have hair replacements are the people you wish to tell. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
Yes. At Versacchi our ultra high-quality CTR fitted systems are virtually undetectable. How noticeable a hair replacement is depends not only on the actual quality of the system, but equally on your designer’s and stylist’s levels of competence and experience. At Versacchi, we use only the highest quality materials combined with highly trained expert technicians – ensuring your new hair is second to none.
No restrictions at all! Treat your CTR as you would your own natural hair. Anything you could do with your own hair you can do with Versacchi’s CTR.
Absolutely not. This is a non-surgical procedure, so there will be no pain, scarring or side effects of any kind – except of course for a full head of natural looking hair.
Not precisely. The best guide is the “Norwood and Ludwig” scales, also in men a comparison with an older male relative, for instance a father or maternal grandfather. However, the gene for baldness may skip generations and/or individuals in the same family. Prevention is better than any prediction!
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