Common Q & A's

I am not happy with something I purchased elsewhere, can you help me?2016-04-25T20:56:05+00:00

Yes we can. please take a look at our switching page here 

What is your advice to anyone who decides to purchase a wig online? 2017-12-11T12:29:28+00:00

My first response would be don’t do it, if it could be done and we could be 100% confident offering some semblance of reassurance that it would actually work out, we would link you directly to a catalogue right now – the reality is, that 96% of wigs purchased online stay in the box they were delivered in. Just be mindful you wouldn’t do it for medical eye care, or medical oral care, and medically related hair care is no different. If you must, the best advice is to plan ahead, being prepared well in advance for hair loss can give you back a feeling of control and makes the entire process much less traumatic. As soon as your doctor tells you that you may experience hair loss due to medical treatment, it is your doctor who will be the very best, and most experienced person to give you straight up advice about why it is pointless buying a wig especially for medically related purposes online.

How can my privacy be guaranteed?2017-12-11T12:29:28+00:00

Many patients worry about the personal nature of their visit. At Versacchi, we take these concerns very seriously. Our certified, highly-trained staff know just how important privacy is to you, and your care, comfort, and personal privacy are important to us. The sooner you call and schedule your private appointment, the sooner we can help you look your very best again!  please contact us here

What are the costs involved with a custom wig, and how is it paid for?2016-04-24T15:37:41+00:00

In the vast majority of situations in which a custom wig is necessary due to medical-related therapies such as chemotherapy treatment, your medical card will cover most, or all, of the costs involved. Health insurance usually covers this as well, however, the exact coverage will depend upon your individual policy. Make sure you contact your insurance provider to see what is covered and what is not. Financial coverage is usually not an issue for those with medical-related needs, however, should you experience a problem with your financial coverage, the Irish Cancer Society can help.

What if I don’t always want to wear a wig during my illness?2017-12-11T12:29:29+00:00

Don’t worry, our chemotherapy wig clients are able to select complimentary items from our extensive range of comfortable, stylish headwear garments. This includes soft night caps, scarves, bandanas, and head-covers. If you are not an existing customer, then any items can be purchased directly from our online store. For a preview of the wonderful styles and colours we offer, please click here

What happens if I don’t lose my hair?2016-04-24T15:30:39+00:00

Thank goodness, due to immense advancements in medical treatment, fewer and fewer chemotherapy patients require a wig or hair replacement nowadays. If your natural hair does remain intact, it is absolutely no problem. We won’t charge you a single cent for our work. However, if you do experience hair loss and need our assistance, we will be here, ready to help you look and feel like you again.

If I’m undergoing chemotherapy, will my medical wig be ready in time?2017-12-11T12:29:29+00:00

Many of our clients undergoing chemotherapy are understandably concerned about losing their hair. Our goal is to make sure you won’t have to go for an extended period of time without a hair replacement. We will do much of the work of creating your new hair during the first stages of your chemotherapy so that if and when you begin to lose some hair, your replacement will already be ready for fitting, adjustment, and styling.

How long after our appointment will my custom wig be ready?2016-04-24T15:26:54+00:00

It usually takes just 1-2 days from your consultation and final fitting, but in rare situations it can take up to several days – depending upon your present medical condition, and the duration of your treatment.

What is the custom wigs “Drop N’ Go” service?2017-12-11T12:29:29+00:00

We provide a Totally Free “Drop N’ Go” Clean & Refresh Service to all our clients.  Our renowned and unrivaled Drop N’ Go hair care service will keep your Versacchi medical wig looking fresh and new the entire time you are wearing it.

Infrared IR laser for thinning hair – why consider HairBeam?2017-12-12T21:44:53+00:00

Simply this: Because It works! Eye care, most surgical procedures, dentistry… all incorporate laser technology nowadays – and hair care is no different. For over 9 years the HairBeam has been helping men and women alike rejuvenate their failing, thinning or lacklustre hair with thicker, healthier and more robust hair.
Rest assured if HairBeam wasn’t so successful, we as a worldwide corporation wouldn’t be around today – so 9 years on, thanks to the confidence of thousands of users, we are still doing business – providing the same reliable technologies under the same name!  – more at 

Do you offer any other services besides breast forms?2016-04-20T20:51:07+00:00

Yes. Since 1994, Versacchi has been in the forefront helping people suffering from alopecia and medically related hair loss, as well as hair loss resulting from chemotherapy treatments.

Using leading edge hair restoration techniques, such as our exclusive CTR ( Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction ), Versacchi continually exceeds our patients highest expectations.

Where can I learn more about Versacchi’s breast forms?2016-04-24T07:55:16+00:00

Our private clinic and consultation office is located at No. 6 South Ring Business Park on the Kinsale Road in Cork (Next to the Ambulance service)

To arrange a confidential and private appointment, please telephone our reception desk at 021 4627400.

Will I have to pay for my prosthesis?2016-04-20T20:47:32+00:00

Generally no! The costs incurred are usually covered by your insurance and HSE run programmes.

Why choose a breast prosthesis at all?2016-04-20T20:46:11+00:00

Whether a breast is lost to cancer or if there is a noticeable size difference between the two breasts , it is essential to balance the weight between the left and right side of your body. This helps to avoid future health and posture problems, such as spinal curvature, shoulder drop, and back and neck pain.

Where will the fitting take place?2016-04-20T20:44:15+00:00

Your first pre Breast Forms™ fitting (the ‘comfy’) needs to be done at the hospital, in order to make sure the wound is healing properly. After about six weeks you’ll be able to be fitted with your actual Breast Forms™ prostheses.

At this stage the advantages of a private clinic are recommended. While there may be a fitting charge associated with these clinics, this is far outweighed by having a specialised staff taking the time and understanding in helping you adjust to your new physical appearance – talking you through any worries or concerns that you may be having. In any event, you will not be charged extra for the actual prosthesis.

What if I want to go swimming?2016-04-20T20:41:56+00:00

Our Breast Forms™ prosthesis is ideal for swimming, due to its weight, design and unique construction. The prosthesis material is not affected by heat, salt or chemicals associated with swimming. Again however, depending on the design chosen, you’re particular Breast Forms™ prosthesis may need to be specially adapted to your swimsuit with a carefully concealed pocket, holding it in place.

Do I have to have a specialized bra?2017-12-11T12:29:29+00:00

You don’t, but it is advisable. If you do use your standard bra, please make sure it fits you correctly – with enough length in the cup to hold the prosthesis in place. It may surprise you that 80% of women with a prosthesis are wearing the wrong size bra!

There is however a large selection of fashionable, attractive, and comfortable post-mastectomy, breasts reconstruction and lumpectomy bras. Depending on the design of the Breast Forms™ prosthesis you prefer, you may need to choose a bra that includes a soft pocket to hold the breast form comfortably in place.

Will I have a choice of prosthesis?2016-04-20T20:39:39+00:00

Yes, of course. There are many different types of Breast Forms™ prostheses, and the advice of one of our breast care professionals is paramount in making sure you receive one that fits in with your body type, preferences and lifestyle. Remember, this is an extremely important decision – one that must be taken with great care and consideration.

Who will fit my breast forms prosthesis?2016-04-20T20:38:38+00:00

Fitting is done by a highly trained specialist, someone with first hand experience in this field. Since your permanent prosthesis can only be fitted after your scar has healed, your breast care nurse will be able to help inform you of the different choices available. Or, you can easily and discreetly make an appointment with one of our expert and experienced fitters here at Versacchi by calling 021-4627400

What is a permanent breast prosthesis like?2016-04-20T20:37:43+00:00

A permanent prosthesis such as Versacchi’s Breast Forms™ is shaped like an actual breast and has a soft, smooth outer cover. The inside is filled with a special gel that has different properties depending on the type of prosthesis that you choose.

Some are shaped to the chest cavity and others will cool you down if you tend to have hot flushes. Others can be made lighter so that you can wear them inside you bra. It all depends on you individual needs. All our Breast Forms™ absolutely look, feel and move in a realistic fashion, and of course come in many different shapes and sizes – matched to the patients individual preferences and body type.

Will I be given a temporary prosthesis straight away?2017-12-11T12:29:29+00:00

Yes, before you go home from the hospital, you will be given a temporary prosthesis. This is a soft shaped, little cushion commonly called a ‘comfy.’ You can wear it inside your bra for a few weeks to simulate your previous shape. However, if it is uncomfortable or painful to wear a bra at this time you can pin the ‘comfy’ on to the inside of your top.

Once your scar has healed satisfactorily, around 6 weeks after your operation, you can then be fitted with you own permanent prosthesis.

However if radiotherapy is to be given, it would be better to continue wearing your soft ‘comfy’ until 3-4 weeks after your treatment has finished, as your skin may still feel tender during this period.

What is a breast prosthesis?2016-04-20T20:33:26+00:00

A breast prosthesis is the name given to a manufactured breast form. When you have had breast surgery and especially if you’ve had a partial or full mastectomy, a prosthesis may be fitted to replace the tissue that was removed. This prosthesis is typically worn inside your bra.

How do I make an appointment?2016-04-20T20:29:33+00:00

Give us a call at: Dublin 01 4900570 or Cork 021 4627400 – We’ll take it from there. Or you can fill out our contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you!

Can an individual’s hair loss be predicted?2016-04-24T16:51:06+00:00

Not precisely. The best guide is the “Norwood and Ludwig” scales, also in men a comparison with an older male relative, for instance a father or maternal grandfather. However, the gene for baldness may skip generations and/or individuals in the same family. Prevention is better than any prediction!

Is the CTR process painful or uncomfortable?2016-04-20T20:27:35+00:00

Absolutely not. This is a non-surgical procedure, so there will be no pain, scarring or side effects of any kind – except of course for a full head of natural looking hair.

Are there any restrictions with CTR?2016-04-20T20:26:07+00:00

No restrictions at all! Treat your CTR as you would your own natural hair. Anything you could do with your own hair you can do with Versacchi’s CTR.

Is there such a thing as an undetectable Hair Replacement?2017-12-11T12:29:29+00:00

Yes. At Versacchi our ultra high-quality CTR fitted systems are virtually undetectable. How noticeable a hair replacement is depends not only on the actual quality of the system, but equally on your designer’s and stylist’s levels of competence and experience. At Versacchi, we use only the highest quality materials combined with highly trained expert technicians – ensuring your new hair is second to none.

I see bad Hair Replacements on the street. How do yours differ?2016-04-20T20:22:21+00:00

There is literally no comparison. Versacchi hair replacements are nothing like the mass produced one sized fits all embarrassing looking “bluff fluff’s!” commonly sold by other companies. By choosing Versacchi, the only people who’ll know you have hair replacements are the people you wish to tell. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

How will my Versacchi’s CTR Hair Replacement feel on my scalp?2016-04-20T20:18:23+00:00

In a word: Great! The average Versacchi custom-made hair replacement only weighs about 3-4 ounces – and once it is integrated, cut and styled, you won’t feel anything but a natural head of hair.

How does CTR compare to other providers?2016-04-20T20:16:35+00:00

There is no comparison! CTR was pioneered by Versacchi in 1994 and we’ve been advancing and improving this technique since then. Everyone else has tried to imitate our success – but totally failing to duplicate our methods. That is why Versacchi can offer a 100% guarantee – and the other’s can’t.

Is this CTR procedure as good as you say it is?2016-04-20T19:55:24+00:00

Yes. Nothing even comes close to the versatility, comfort and appearance of a Versacchi CTR. And again, we are so sure you will be absolutely delighted with your new hair, we offer a 100% Guarantee on our work. You cannot possibly go wrong by choosing a Versacchi CTR.

Do you sell your services online?2016-04-24T16:47:22+00:00

No. The services we provide and the hair replacements we use are all individually produced. When you come to us, rest assured your total satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
Take Versacchi CTR hair replacements for instance. Each one is custom fitted and styled. Compare that to “wigs” or “hairpieces” sold online. Over 93% of those online offers are never used more than once. (They are that bad!) Imagine someone saying you could get denture corrections, ear analysis, eye-testing, GP/MD diagnoses online.

You would think they were daft! It is the same with any wig or hairpiece out of a box. They are just “one size fits all” pieces of junk. Aren’t you worth more?

Should I make an appointment in advance?2017-12-11T12:29:29+00:00

When you meet professional stylists at Versacchi, we will be able to personally answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. You will also get to know the stylist who will be working on your hair replacement, and this stylist will also get to know your requirements based on your existing hair and personal preferences. Since every persons privacy and satisfaction is paramount, advanced appointments are advisable please.

Why choose Versacchi for custom wigs?2017-12-12T21:46:09+00:00

Versacchi’s medical hair loss alternatives help you move beyond diagnosis – and on with your life.  You may be wondering about the steps involved in getting your own Versacchi custom made medical wig or hairpiece. Rest assured, the time and process for getting a tailored made medical wig is not tedious or difficult.

At Versacchi, we are always here to help you make the right decision – and not one you will regret later on. By doing so, we both come out ahead.