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A breast prosthesis is the name given to a manufactured breast form. When you have had breast surgery and especially if you’ve had a partial or full mastectomy, a prosthesis may be fitted to replace the tissue that was removed. This prosthesis is typically worn inside your bra.
Yes, before you go home from the hospital, you will be given a temporary prosthesis. This is a soft shaped, little cushion commonly called a ‘comfy.’ You can wear it inside your bra for a few weeks to simulate your previous shape. However, if it is uncomfortable or painful to wear a bra at this time you can pin the ‘comfy’ on to the inside of your top.

Once your scar has healed satisfactorily, around 6 weeks after your operation, you can then be fitted with you own permanent prosthesis.

However if radiotherapy is to be given, it would be better to continue wearing your soft ‘comfy’ until 3-4 weeks after your treatment has finished, as your skin may still feel tender during this period.

A permanent prosthesis such as Versacchi’s Breast Forms™ is shaped like an actual breast and has a soft, smooth outer cover. The inside is filled with a special gel that has different properties depending on the type of prosthesis that you choose.

Some are shaped to the chest cavity and others will cool you down if you tend to have hot flushes. Others can be made lighter so that you can wear them inside you bra. It all depends on you individual needs. All our Breast Forms™ absolutely look, feel and move in a realistic fashion, and of course come in many different shapes and sizes – matched to the patients individual preferences and body type.

Fitting is done by a highly trained specialist, someone with first hand experience in this field. Since your permanent prosthesis can only be fitted after your scar has healed, your breast care nurse will be able to help inform you of the different choices available. Or, you can easily and discreetly make an appointment with one of our expert and experienced fitters here at Versacchi by calling 021-4627400
Yes, of course. There are many different types of Breast Forms™ prostheses, and the advice of one of our breast care professionals is paramount in making sure you receive one that fits in with your body type, preferences and lifestyle. Remember, this is an extremely important decision – one that must be taken with great care and consideration.
You don’t, but it is advisable. If you do use your standard bra, please make sure it fits you correctly – with enough length in the cup to hold the prosthesis in place. It may surprise you that 80% of women with a prosthesis are wearing the wrong size bra!

There is however a large selection of fashionable, attractive, and comfortable post-mastectomy, breasts reconstruction and lumpectomy bras. Depending on the design of the Breast Forms™ prosthesis you prefer, you may need to choose a bra that includes a soft pocket to hold the breast form comfortably in place.

Our Breast Forms™ prosthesis is ideal for swimming, due to its weight, design and unique construction. The prosthesis material is not affected by heat, salt or chemicals associated with swimming. Again however, depending on the design chosen, you’re particular Breast Forms™ prosthesis may need to be specially adapted to your swimsuit with a carefully concealed pocket, holding it in place.
Your first pre Breast Forms™ fitting (the ‘comfy’) needs to be done at the hospital, in order to make sure the wound is healing properly. After about six weeks you’ll be able to be fitted with your actual Breast Forms™ prostheses.

At this stage the advantages of a private clinic are recommended. While there may be a fitting charge associated with these clinics, this is far outweighed by having a specialised staff taking the time and understanding in helping you adjust to your new physical appearance – talking you through any worries or concerns that you may be having. In any event, you will not be charged extra for the actual prosthesis.

Whether a breast is lost to cancer or if there is a noticeable size difference between the two breasts , it is essential to balance the weight between the left and right side of your body. This helps to avoid future health and posture problems, such as spinal curvature, shoulder drop, and back and neck pain.
Generally no! The costs incurred are usually covered by your insurance and HSE run programmes.
Our private clinic and consultation office is located at No. 6 South Ring Business Park on the Kinsale Road in Cork (Next to Ambulance service)

To arrange a confidential and private appointment, please telephone our reception desk at 021 4627400.

Yes. Since 1994, Versacchi has been in the forefront helping people suffering from alopecia and medically related hair loss, as well as hair loss resulting from chemotherapy treatments.

Using leading edge hair restoration techniques, such as our exclusive CTR ( Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction ), Versacchi continually exceeds our patients highest expectations.