video-thumbVersacchi is totally dedicated and driven in helping men and women experiencing problematic, thinning hair …..

CTR Hair Replacement

Medically Related Hair Loss

What some of our clients say..

“The kindness shown to me at Versacchi meant more than anybody will ever know. Even on those dark days of illness, the staff brought a smile to my face”
Shiala O'S.,
“The staff at Versacchi are simply wonderful, the stylists I saw had such patience and helped me on every step of my journey, from losing my hair right through when it regrew.”
Katie C.,
“I had looked up a number of ways to get a “wig” – I bought 2 – and that’s what they looked like: Wigs! When I visited Versacchi I saw what I was missing out on… EXCELLENCE! Their continued on-going care and support is phenomenal.”
Emily O'S.,
“I cannot commend the staff at Versacchi enough for the way they looked after my beloved Grandmother. Not only did they give her a new head of hair, but also the smile to her face! I will forever be eternally grateful!”
S Redmond.,
“If everybody had only half the kindness that the staff at Versacchi have, the world would be a much nicer place. They walked through my illness with me, hand in hand. From looking after my hair to helping me with paper work, nothing was too much for them!”
Theresa W.,